I worked on this more after the jam was over, and now I am ready to post a big update! Here are some things to look forward to!

  • Multiple control schemes! (Arrows move Z jumps X reads signs) (wasd move ; jumps ' reads signs) (dpad on gamepad moves A jumps X reads signs)
  • 2.2 times the previous amount of levels!
  • Unlockables! Try to get each of the 5 available Hats! Each one changes Bipo's movement in some way! Switch hats on level select using X(or sign reading button of choice
  • Levels are bigger and you have more time to explore them!
  • Get 20 Things to clear a level or get 40 Things to Star a level!

Thank you to everyone who played it before! Please try it again, because it is much better now.

Bipo's Adventure was made over the course of two weeks for "My First Game Jam". Except for the logo(made by my wife and then made into pixels by me) I made all of the art assets and sounds, and I put the game together using the free version of Construct 2.

Thank you for playing my game! I hope it's as fun to play as it was to make.


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real nice!!


This is a pretty short and well put together platformer with surprisingly good movement. I can tell a lot of care was put into the animations as well. It was fun, not much to do but not much to ask for.


Pretty good! Nice short platformer with tight controls!


This turned out really good, i love the art!


Wonderful graphics and nice gameplay! It has a nice level of difficulty that is challenging but still fun!


Wow that last level was so challenging i cant do it lol :D as soon as i figured out there is a time i just cant clear it cause i panic so much! game is really tiny and cute and tbh that last level is rly smart with the invisible tiles!

Thanks! I had the idea for the invisible platforms back when I thought I'd have ten levels, so I was hoping to slowly reach that difficulty. I ran out of space in Construct but I still wanted to have it in the game lol. I'm glad you liked it!